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MyBodyMD Plastic Surgery | Post-operative Recovery

Mandy Schmidt, M.A. with MyBodyMD Plastic Surgery - Houston, TX answers a frequently asked question - When can I exercise again after surgery?


Hi, guys. My name is Mandy, with MyBodyMD. Dr. Bidros is our plastic surgeon in the office. I've been with him for almost 10 years now. So our top number one question is normally, for the recovery period, when can I go back to exercising? And with most of our procedures, we're going to be looking at about four to six weeks. No strenuous physical activities. That's even including sexual activities, just for you guys out there. Weight lifting ... nothing like that for about six weeks until cleared by Dr. Bidros. You do want to limit yourself to about 15 pounds. No lifting, pushing, pulling, anything like that until cleared. If you guys have any other questions, just hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or call the office. Thank you.