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After Weight Loss Surgery in Houston, TX

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what is after weight loss surgery?

While losing a significant amount of weight is a tremendous achievement, it may not be visible because of excess, sagging skin. In many cases, particularly after bariatric surgery, the skin is unable to adapt to the new body shape, which leaves loose, hanging skin throughout the body. A final, finishing touch to your weight loss journey may be after weight loss surgery to remove excess skin and stubborn fat, while tightening the muscles for a slim, toned appearance. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Rafi Bidros offers after weight loss surgery at his Houston practice to help patients reach their cosmetic goals. Compliment all the hard work you did to lose weight with personalized after weight loss surgery that may include a lower body lift, an upper body lift, an upper arm lift, a thigh lift, a butt lift, a tummy tuck, and liposuction.

What are the Benefits of After Weight Loss Surgery?

Excess or loose skin can cause cosmetic issues and lead to hygiene problems like rashes and infections. Removing this skin can improve your quality of life by boosting your appearance and health. Dr. Bidros uses top-of-the-line techniques to minimize scarring and ensure natural-looking results from each individualized procedure. Our after weight loss patients report great satisfaction with their results, no matter their goals.

Am I A Candidate For After Weight Loss Surgery?

The best individuals for skin removal surgery are women and men who are dealing with excessive loose skin due to a massive weight loss or fluctuation. Generally, this issue is seen early on as the body gets smaller. If weight loss has caused stretched skin, after weight loss surgery at MyBodyMD Plastic Surgery can eliminate the issue and secure the remaining tissue for a tighter and healthier appearance. It is important patients be at their goal weight before undergoing this surgery.

how is after weight loss surgery performed?

After Dr. Bidros and the patient decide which areas of the body will be treated, Dr. Bidros will create a surgical plan to meet the patient's needs. Specific surgeries that may be part of an after weight loss surgery:

  • Lower Body Lift - corrects abdomen, groin, buttocks and outer thighs
  • Upper Arm Lift - tightens upper arms by removing sagging and excess skin
  • Thigh Lift - tightens skin at the thighs by removing excess fat and skin
  • Buttock Lift - tightens the buttocks by removing excess skin
  • Tummy Tuck - removes excess skin to tighten skin at the middle and lower abdomen, and the abdominal muscle is also tightened
  • Mini Tummy Tuck - tightens skin at the lower abdomen by removing excess fat and skin

how long is recovery from after weight loss surgery?

Depending on their individual treatment plan, Dr. Bidros will talk to patients about their anesthesia options, but all surgeries will be performed in an accredited surgical facility as an outpatient procedure. After the surgery, Dr. Bidros will talk to the patient about their recovery instructions and any tips that may help them heal faster. Every patient heals at different rates and the length of recovery will depend on the amount of surgeries performed at one time. 

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Achieve your body goals

Losing weight is such a tremendous accomplishment, and we are so happy for you if you finally met your personal transformation. If sagging and wrinkly skin is a new frustration, Dr. Bidros invites you to learn more about your alternatives for plastic surgery. After weight loss surgery could further sculpt your physique and help you to achieve and surpass each and every one of the exciting goals you made for yourself. Call MyBodyMD in Houston, TX for more information.

After Weight Loss Surgery FAQ

Best Candidates?

You should be at a healthy, stable weight for at least one year prior to your after weight loss surgery to get your best results. Any additional weight loss after the surgery may cause loose, sagging skin. Any weight gan after the surgery will cause the skin to stretch and may leave stretch marks.


All surgical incisions will leave scars, however Dr. Bidros tries to make incisions as small as possible and in less visible areas. Incisions may also be made in the natural creases of the body to help them blend in with the skin. With proper scar care management, most scars will flatten and fade. Most patients consider the scars worth it for their improved appearance.

Staging Surgeries?

If needed, Dr. Bidros may stage the surgeries into two or more procedures. This avoids overwhelming the body’s healing process and causing an excessive recovery period. Many times, after weight loss surgery is split into an upper and lower body lift, but Dr. Bidros will determine the best way to stage and schedule your surgeries based on your health and other factors.

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