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Rafi Bidros, MD, FACS

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Chin Surgery in Houston, TX

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Chin surgery is a surgical procedure to reshape the chin either by augmentation (genioplasty) or reduction surgery (mentoplasty). Chin augmentation can be performed with implants or bone manipulation. When performing chin surgery, board-certified Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Rafi Bidros, focuses on improving your profile by creating a better balance between your chin and other facial features. The size of the chin can magnify or minimize the perceived size of the nose or presence of a heavy neck. However, increasing the projection of your chin will not typically affect your bite or jaw function. Chin surgery helps provide a harmonious balance to your facial features so that you feel better about the way you look.

Surgical Technique

There are 2 techniques for enhancing and contouring your chin. One, performed through an incision inside the mouth, requires moving the chinbone (genioplasty). Another, which is a more common approach, involves the insertion of a chin implant (chin augmentation). The implant is inserted through incisions inside your mouth or on the underside of your chin. During a mentoplasty, the incision may be made inside the mouth of under the chin to allow a surgical instrument to reduce and reshape the chin bone.

During/After Surgery

Chin augmentation surgery is usually performed with the patient under general anesthesia in an accredited outpatient surgical facility. After the surgery, you will spend a few hours under observation before you are allowed to go home with a responsible adult for your recovery. To permit proper healing following chin augmentation, you may be placed on a liquid diet for 1-2 days. Your chin may also be taped or bandaged. Dr. Bidros will go over any specific post-surgical instructions and schedule follow up appointments to check on your healing and the results of the surgery.

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Chin Surgery FAQs

Do I Need It?

To help you understand the current proportions of your face, Dr. Bidros will occasionally use a computerized simulation to help you recognize this unique relationship between your nose and your chin. By seeing and measuring the imbalance, Dr. Bidros can help you decide if chin surgery is right for you.

Other Surgeries?

For best results, chin augmentation may also be combined with a neck lift or facelift. Dr. Bidros may also recommend chin surgery to a patient having nose surgery in order to achieve facial proportion. Using his years of experience, Dr. Bidros will guide you to your best treatment plan.

Genioplasty or Implant?

Depending on your needs and goals, Dr. Bidros may use an implant to enhance the appearance of the chin or perform a genioplasty to manipulate the chin bone into a forward position. During the initial consultation, Dr. Bidros will assess the patient’s chin and determine which technique is best for you.

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