Rafi Bidros, MD, FACS

920 Frostwood Drive Suite 690, Houston, TX 77024

Rafi Bidros, MD, FACS

920 Frostwood Drive Suite 690
Houston, TX 77024

Breast Reconstruction - Houston*

Procedure Details

This Houston area woman underwent immediate Breast Reconstruction following a Mastectomy. Dr. Bidros performed her procedures over two stages. First, Dr. Bidros performed a Unilateral DIEP flap - reconstructing the patient's left breast using her own tissue from her abdomen. A Tummy Tuck was performed to harvest the tissue. The second stage included left Breast Reconstruction, left nipple and areola reconstruction and liposuction with fat grafting to her left breast. A breast lift with implant was performed on the right breast to achieve breast symmetry. The final stage was nipple tattooing, which was performed in office.


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