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Breast Augmentation Implant Options - MyBodyMD Plastic Surgery - Houston, TX

Breast Augmentation Implant Options - MyBodyMD Plastic Surgery - Houston, TX


Dr. Rafi Bidros:    Hi, I'm Dr. Rafi Bidros from MyBodyMD here in Houston, Texas. And today we're just going to briefly talk about some new implants that just came out from Mentor, which is one of the more common implants that I typically use. It's great because it's kind of filled in a gap between ... I don't know if you can get in a little closer. Most implants that we use are between moderate plus or high profile. But some patients kind of fell between the two. I hardly ever use the ultra high. Those are really highly projecting implants that can be problematic. But I typically go between those two implants, and now I have a third implant that helps me fill that gap. And if you come a little closer, you can see the difference in these implants. These are a little bit more filled out. It's good for people that have thin skin, so you don't get as much rippling as the other ones. So it's just a nice implant. It is maybe a hair firmer than this one, but it's not that firm compared to the gummy bear implants, which are also the options for different patients.

As you can see, there are so many types of implants that we use here. And when you come in, we have a very lengthy discussion. We talk about all the different options that are available to us. And we're not really limited because we can use all three manufacturers, any type of implant that you need. So that's what's great about our practice. And the other thing that we also do is sizing. You'll spend some time with our coordinator, try on the different sizes, and we can figure out exactly the size of implant that you like. So, here's a brief video of our implant room, and hope to see you soon. Thank you.