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MyBodyMD - Brazilian Butt Lift in Houston, Texas - Dr. Rafi S. Bidros

Hi, my name is Doctor Rafi Bidros and I'm with MyBodyMD Plastic Surgery, and today I'm answering a question about what is BBL. And that stands for Brazilian Butt Lift. And what that entails, and why is it Brazilian, 'cause I guess ladies in Brazil have a higher buttock take off, a very narrow waist, and we're trying to simulate that surgically by removing the excess waist fat and then taking that fat, processing it and injecting it in the buttocks to shape it, make it round, and make it appear like we've lifted the buttocks. So there's no real lift from a surgical standpoint, there's no big cuts or anything like that, it's all small incisions. And now sometimes that's combined with a tummy tuck, and we also not only inject the buttocks, but the hips. So depending on the silhouette, if you're looking at the body straight ahead, we want to have the hips come out and the waist go in. And then also we look at it from a side profile, where we section the lower back and then inject in the upper buttocks area to give that rounded shape. So it's an operation that usually takes about two hours, it involves mostly liposuction, which is just as important as the injection of the fat. So not only do you have to have adequate amount of fat to use for the injection, but also trying to ... The injection part of it is probably a third of the operation, I think two-thirds is the liposuction. It's a very common procedure nowadays and in fact I really use it quite often. Because we didn't really pay attention too much to the buttocks in the past, and maybe 10 years ago it wasn't as common as it is today. I hate to throw away fat anymore, so every liposuction case or tummy tuck case I'm always cognizant of that and I offer, and I tell the woman, "What do you want me to do with the fat, throw it away or recycle it?" And some women are happy with their backside and others could use a little rejuvenation. And as we age, we're gonna lose fat not only in other parts of our body but the buttocks also, so we want to rejuvenate it and make it youthful again. It's a very common procedure and actually we do it quite often, once or twice a week, at least. Thank you.