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Dr. Rafi Bidros with MyBodyMD Plastic Surgery in Houston, Texas discusses Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia) surgery. Dr. Bidros is a top Houston Plastic Surgeon, who specializes in Male Breast Reduction (Gynecomastia).

Hi. I'm Doctor Rafi Bidros from MyBodyMD here in Houston, Texas and today I'm gonna talk about Gynecomastia, which we refer to as male breast. And why do men get it? How common is it? And what do we do to treat it? So, it's actually one of the most common things we do around here in this clinic. We get a lot of patients from around the city, from other towns also, just embarrassed about male breasts.

So, why does it occur? Actually, up to 25% of men can get it. It can just be genetic. It showed up during puberty and it just never went away. Sometimes, it's related to weight. Sometimes, it's related to supplements, hormonal changes. So, all these things can impact it. However, sometimes, no matter what you do, it doesn't go away and I think a lot of guys are embarrassed about it. They don't want to take off their t-shirt or even embarrassed in clothing and have to wear extra t-shirts just to cover up the male breasts.

The good thing is that the treatment is really easy. A lot of times, a lot of the guys after treatment, they say they wish they had done it a lot earlier. Now, the treatment can differ a lot depending on the severity. Sometimes, it's as easy as liposuction, an hour procedure and it's gone. Sometimes, it's a little bit more involved if we need to remove more skin, if they have, if you will, a D-Cup breast.

So, it depends. If it's a small excess breast tissue, the treatment is a little bit easier. The bigger the amount of breast tissue that we need to remove, the more complicated the procedure is. But even at its most complicated, it's still doable and patients are extremely happy after they do it and they wish they had done it earlier. So, I think if you're a guy and you're embarrassed about Gynecomastia or male breast, I think, you know, you just need to do something about it and have one of us plastic surgeons see you and do this treatment.

What I bring to the table here is ... Sometimes we do what's called minimally invasive treatment, where we minimize the incisions, especially for the smaller breasts. So, it's inconspicuous. So, you could take your shirt off on the beach and no one will tell if it's a surgical treatment or not. And the key is, sometimes, not to over-treat and create a depression, so it takes an artistic eye to get it right. So, I think you'd be pleased to come see us here at MyBodyMD and see how we can help you. So, thank you.