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Breast Augmentation: Breast Implant Type, Size and Profile

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Breast Augmentation is a leading cosmetic procedure since 2006. At MyBodyMD Plastic Surgery, led by our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rafi Bidros, we perform Breast Augmentation surgeries for women to enhance their beauty and confidence. Each patient receives a customized treatment plan to change the projection, increase the fullness, create better proportions, restore lost volume, enhance self-confidence, and more. A private consultation with Dr. Rafi Bidros will evaluate your aesthetic goal and provide you with a realistic plan to achieve it. 

The most common questions we receive are in regards to the implant type, size and profile. Dr. Rafi Bidros will consult on each aspect and more, but our goal at MyBodyMD Plastic Surgery is to help patients make the most educated decisions. Therefore, we have created a summary of the three: 

Implant type

  • Saline - saline implants are surrounded by a silicone shell and filled with a sterile salt water solution. The amount of solution varies for each patient based on their desired outcome. It will also determine the shape, firmness and feel of the breast. 
  • Silicone - silicone implants are filled with an elastic gel that feels and moves much like natural breast tissue. One of the options is the MENTOR® MemoryGel® - an implant filled with the Mentor proprietary cohesive gel. It holds together uniformly and retains a natural shape that resembles the natural breast. 
  • Fat transfer - fat harvested from one part of the body (tummy, buttocks, upper thighs) can be used to increase the size or change the shape of the breasts. The liposuction is performed under general anesthesia to collect the fat so it can be injected into the breasts. Results are natural, immediate and long lasting. 

Implant size

During your consultation you will be introduced to the MENTOR® Volume Sizing System. This system allows you to try on implants during and will help give a better idea on what you truly desire. The sizes range from 150 cc to 775 cc. It is important to be open and honest about your expectations. Dr. Rafi Bidros will give his recommendation based on the implant being a good fit with your present breast anatomy, the elasticity of your skin, and your overall body type.

Breast Augmentation

Implant profile 

Implant profile is the distance the implant will project outward from the chest wall. The profiles range from Moderate Classic to High Profile Xtra. Moderate profile implants have the least amount of projection and the higher the profile the greater the amount of projection from the chest wall. The profile ranges are:

  • Moderate Classic
  • Moderate Plus
  • High Profile
  • Moderate Plus Xtra
  • Ultra High Profile
  • High Profile Xtra

Lower profiles are relatively flat in appearance and minimally project from the chest. The projection from the chest increases with each profile and the moderate profiles tend to create the most natural-looking results. High profile implants are narrow at the base in order to provide the maximum projection. They tend to create the fullest and most round results. 

For more information about Breast Augmentation please see our website. Book your consultation with Dr. Rafi Bidros today and take the first step to achieving your aesthetic goals. 

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