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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Cancer is a broad term for a class of diseases characterized by abnormal cells that grow and invade healthy cells in the body. Cancer begins in the cells which are the basic building blocks of the body that makeup tissue found in the breast and other parts of the body. Breast cancer starts in the cells of the breast as a group of cancer cells that can then invade surrounding tissues and spread to the other parts of the body. Similarly, it is also important to understand the non-cancerous breast tumors that are abnormal growths that do not spread outside the breast. However, any breast lump or changes in the shape/size of the breast needs to be examined by a health care professional to determine if it is benign or malignant (cancer) and if it might increase the risk of getting breast cancer.

Breast cancer can start from different parts of the breast, most begin in the ducts that carry milk, some in the glands that make breast milk, and a small number of cancers start in other tissues in the breast. Although many types of cancers can cause a lump in the breast, not all to do. Knowledge about the signs and symptoms of breast cancer is crucial for an individual to learn what one should watch for and report to a health care provider. Breast cancers can also be detected on screening mammograms that can detect cancer at an early stage and before symptoms develop. Self-examinations also play a vital role as women can discover the symptom during usual activities such as bathing or dressing. Women should be familiar with how their breasts normally look and feel and should be aware of any noticeable changes to avoid any risk in the future.

The significant advances in the treatment of breast cancer have saved more and more patients from this terrible disease but are left with wounds that serve as painful reminders. Those newly diagnosed with breast cancer have the option for breast reconstruction surgery to restore one or both breasts to near the normal shape and appearance following mastectomy. Breast reconstruction falls into two categories: implant-based reconstruction and flap-based reconstruction. Dr. Rafi Bidros, our board-certified plastic surgeon is considered to be one of the breast reconstruction surgeons in Houston, TX. There are many different reconstruction techniques and several procedures performed in stages and can either begin at the time of mastectomy or be delayed until a later date.

Breast reconstruction surgery is a highly individualized procedure and you should do it for yourself, not to fulfill someone else’s desires or try to fit any sort of ideal image. If you currently have breast cancer or have gone through breast surgery and looking to restore the size and symmetry visit our website and schedule your consultation or come visit us at MyBodyMD Plastic surgery located in Houston, Texas. 

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