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Immediate Reconstruction vs Delayed Reconstruction

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Significant advances have been made in the treatment of breast cancer. More patients are now surviving this disease, but are left with wounds that are painful reminders of their battle. Many women choose to have Breast Reconstruction surgery to rebuild the shape and look of their breasts. At MyBodyMD Plastic Surgery we strongly believe that everyone has the right to be made whole again or be given the chance to learn about their options. There are different types of Breast Reconstruction. The techniques used at MyBodyMD Plastic Surgery include:

  • DIEP flap reconstruction
  • Hybrid Reconstruction
  • Total Envelope Fat Grafting
  • Anatomical Implants
  • Oncoplastic Reconstruction
  • Nipple Reconstruction
  • 3D Areola Reconstruction
  • Lymphatic bypass
  • VLNT for reduction of Lymphedema

Patients newly diagnosed with breast cancer have the option of immediate reconstruction, but as each body and case is different, we recommend booking a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon.

MyBodyMD Plastic Surgery’s Dr. Rafi Bidros is considered by many as one of the top Breast Reconstruction surgeons in Houston. He has trained with some of the pioneers of Breast Reconstruction, the DIEP flap, and was one of the first plastic surgeons in Houston to perform the stacked DIEP flap. DIEP (deep inferior epigastric perforators) flap surgery is a cutting-edge Breast Reconstruction procedure that uses your own tissue to reconstruct the breast. A flap of complete tissue such as blood vessels, skin, and fat are taken from the patient’s lower abdomen as a donor tissue and transferred to the chest. 

One of the options of treating or preventing breast cancer is a mastectomy, which is a surgery to remove all breast tissue from a breast. The specific form of mastectomy will determine the type and aesthetic result of the reconstructed breast. The design of the mastectomy is tailored to the patient individually. The types of mastectomy include traditional skin-sparing, nipple/areola-sparing, and breast lift/reduction patterns.

Another treatment option is a lumpectomy, which is a breast-conserving surgery during which only the tumor is removed from the breast. Patients undergoing radiation therapy often have noticeable deformities. Some of the most common concerns are indentation of the breast, asymmetry, changes in skin pigmentation, and loss of firmness. Different reconstruction techniques can correct such deformities, but patients should consult with a plastic surgeon before lumpectomy. 

Regardless of having had cancer recently, years ago, a lumpectomy or mastectomy, radiation or without - there are options to help every patient get their best results. Patients must keep in mind that restoring your breast/body image comes with realistic goals. Breast Reconstruction typically involves several procedures and can begin during mastectomy or delayed to a later date. Nearly 70% of women eligible for Breast Reconstruction are not told about all of their options, which is why our team at MyBodyMD Plastic Surgery are here to help. Book your consultation today and find out more about your options here.  

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