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MyBodyMD - Mommy Makeover by Dr. Rafi Bidros

Hi. I'm Dr. Rafi Bidros, here in Houston and Katy, Texas. Today I was going to answer a few questions about some emails that we've received. One of the more common emails that we get is, "What's included in a Mommy Makeover?" Typically, a Mommy Makeover is something when we restore the breast and the abdomen after pregnancy. Usually, mommies after their done having kids, a lot of times they complain about how their breasts look, either too big or too small or a little bit saggy. Then the abdomen, if they got a bulge now or access skin on the lower abdomen. Those are the areas that are the most concerning to a young mother. So, after kids are grown they wanna take care of those body parts, you know we can help them with that. That's what a Mommy Makeover is. So typically, for the breasts most of the time it includes a lift, but sometimes it doesn't need to be a lift. It can be just as simple as implant, which restores the shape of the breasts, perks it up. On some occasions we actually have to lift the skin and kind of reposition the nipple in a better place. Sometime the nipple areola are a little bit enlarges after breastfeeding. We can reduce that as well. On a few occasions some women feel that the breast is too big and we can actually do a reduction. One of those three things can happen during the Mommy Makeover. Then when you look at the abdomen we concentrate on reconstructing where the abdominal muscles are positioned. A lot of times after pregnancy, patients get what's called rectus diastasis, which is muscles are spread apart a little bit and the patients get a bulge in the middle, so we correct that during the tummy tuck. We also get rid of a lot of the access skin that's hanging at the bottom of their belly, creating the overhang and just tighten up the abdomen. A lot of times we also include liposuction of the waist and just contouring. Also, lately we're also taking some of that fat and contouring the hip or sometimes buttock augmentation, but those are additive. The most common things we're doing in the Mommy Makeover are breast rejuvenation and abdomen rejuvenation. So thank you. Keep tuning in to our YouTube channel and we'll keep talking about more of those questions.